Ethe’real’s corporate governance policy is set up to ensure:

  • transparent and sustainable value creation by clearly delineating responsibilities, management processes and organization
  • the monitoring of performance
  • decisions on policy principles and controls

Ethe’real’s credibility and reputation rely on the confidence of the owners, clients, business partners, our employees, and the public at large.

Ethe’real applies high standards to corporate governance. The goal is to assure the long-term value and success of the company in the interests of various stakeholder groups: clients, owners, employees, creditors, suppliers and the communities where we operate.

In the Ethe’real’s Strategy House, Client Excellence is at the very center of the mindsets that enable creation of value. Client Excellence is part of the fabric of Ethe’real from top to bottom; from the individual employees’ daily work to the company’s overall business strategy.

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