Get more control over your vehicles by installing unique tracking devices from Ethe’real Ltd. Maintenance costs can be greatly reduced and vehicle life span increased. Our devices will give you;

  • Vehicle location
  • Speed
  • Driver behavior
  • Hours of movement(start time and parking time)
  • Routes taken
  • Ability to cut off fuel

Unit features

  • Real time location tracking- utilizes GSM and GPRS positioning to track current position and vehicle status anywhere on the globe
  • Speed control and management tool- Active monitoring of speed violations including time, location and duration of speed violation.
  • Route playback feature- with this feature you are able to play back a whole trip. This is very useful for analysis of various aspects for example; accidents, delays, driver profiling…
  • Real time alerts and Notifications- immediate popups (with audio notification) of any violations

Unit feature benefits

  • Vehicle immobilization system- in case of theft, vehicle engine can be switched off remotely by simply clicking a button on the system. This feature cuts off the fuel making the vehicle immobile until reactivated by authorized personnel.
  • Panic button- Alerts the fleet manager in the event of any distress or eventuality enabling them to respond proactively.
  • Geo fencing- restricting vehicles to a certain geographical location or to certain roads for effective business operation and safety for vehicles and cargo.


Costs start from as low as UGX 350,000/= and without recurrent charges, you can have a car tracker

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